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Tucked away in a scenic city in western Montana, Wilma Laverne Miner is making beautiful music, with "callouses (demo)" being no exception. Kaylen Alan Krebsbach’s voice is that of a fine silk, easily weaving from higher angelic notes to lower, rich tones with graceful ease. The guitar accompaniment is subtle acting as a shadow in the background that looms patiently behind the lyrics. A near perfect combination.

The lyrics are delicate and heartbreaking— embroidering themselves in the mind long after the roughly two minute alt-singer-songwriter melody ends. With sentiments like "you call this love but only from a safe / distance away” and “so I hold you too close to see clearly" it’s almost too simple to grasp onto the narrative of heartache Wilma Laverne Miner tells, or perhaps even a relate it to a personal memory.

The song ends like a dim candle light being blown out be an unexpected gust of wind.


Leaving the listener wanting more. Wanting some sort of explanation or resolution. Wanting to know what happens. A solemn cliff hanger whose intentions of remaining unknown are fulfilled.

Beautifully mysterious, “callouses” stands solemnly as a single demo and I absolutely cannot wait to hear more from the Montana based artist in the future.

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