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Every year for 21 years, DIY musicians and music fans from around the country (and world) convene in the small town of Harrisonburg, Virginia to experience MACROCK. From noise to hip hop, and metal to dream pop, MACROCK has got it all. Here are just a few photos of some of the wonderful, powerful, and simple joys that MACROCK provides.

Members of DIN and McKinley Dixon and Friends discussing sets and logistics.

A handshake between two old friends.

CGI Jesus performing at Restless Moons.

McKinley Dixon performing "Circle the Block."

Garen Dorsey of CGI Jesus.

Jafar Flowers and Christian Something of BLVKPVNX.

We're all a little gay.

Jonathan of Midtown Market, selling energy drinks to keep us alive.

Atika and Rehan.

Fashion icon Katelyn Kibler.

Kevin Eichenberger of CGI Jesus.

Yeehaw! Timothy Erbach of Din.

Artsy pals at the Artful Dodger.

BUMP in my life.

- - -

Photos and words by Sid Yi. All photos were shot on 35mm film.

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