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About GrizzlyGround

GrizzlyGround is a blog that focuses exclusively on DIY and independent music. 


We are all about supporting music scenes and DIY communities. At GrizzlyGround, we aim to share new music we enjoy listening to by expressing our opinions through writing. We previously wrote album and EP reviews. Our focus has now shifted to conducting interviews with bands, artists, labels, and tour photographers. We also listen to some killer music.


So who are we?


We are the ones listening to that band playing in their garage down the street. We’re friends with that person who is never seen without their guitar. We are in the crowd supporting our favorite local artists at venues, and we are also the ones traveling to various DIY communities to listen to their favorite local artists as well. We are the ones surfing the Internet at all hours in search of new albums to quench our ever-growing musical thirst.


We are part of a community that spends their free time in overcrowded basements for the sake of live music because when it comes down to it, we just really love music.

A lot.



Welcome to a community of people who can't shove music into their ears fast enough.

Welcome to GrizzlyGround.

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