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Dead Bedrooms is a one-woman experimental housewife-pop project that has spontaneously emerged from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Claire Merian, the curator of Dead Bedrooms, released her first EP titled Putting the Monsters to Bed on May 11th. The first track entitled “spit splice (bitter demo)” is perfectly vulnerable. The first verse hits deep with “I’m the flower / stuck to your wall / not living but / not gone.” Deng. Her brutal honesty is wildly empowering. The back up vocals that sing in unison with Claire give her voice support, while simultaneously providing her listeners emotional support.

Listening to this song, I vividly imagine walking home at dawn and using the incredibly lovely looking sunrise as a distratction to the fact that I spent the evening with someone and things were WEIRD.

Bitterness has never felt this sweet.

Join me as I patiently and loyally await for more music to be released.

Check out more from Dead Bedrooms here.

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