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photo courtesy of Sofia Adams (2017)

Crumb’s debut EP releases later this week on cassette tape with Citrus City Records. Crumb is an independent four piece from Boston that has been taking the east coast on a jazz themed psychedelic journey. Their bandcamp description says it best: “four friends make one crumb.”

The self-titled EP was originally released in September of 2016, it has since then exploded with mass exposure from Reddit and music blogs alike. The three track EP takes us on a dimly lit winding path to the utter strangest parts of our human experience. And you can’t help, but fall in love. Crumb consists of sepia-soaked melodies paired with mysterious jazzy rhythms and the grooviest bass lines I have heard in the latter half of my existence.

Lila Ramani’s lyricism is quite frankly, baffling. Lila draws clever existential metaphors, yet manages to keep the tone light and playful. Lines like “Baby is lost in the deep blue past / all he wants to do is to breathe at last / night's creep down so he sleeps all day / but the future just seems so far away.” ...WHAT? I may be a GrizzlyGround writer, but I don’t seem to have words to justify those lyrics. Wow.

Citrus City is a small-tape label out of Richmond that is home to many of GrizzlyGround writers’ personal favorite releases. They have released unique, limited runs of tapes from artists that include Lance Bangs, Young Scum, Antiphons, Camp Howard, Dream Wave, and many more. We are very excited that Crumb has been added to this stellar list.

You can pre-order this incredible EP on a light pink brick cassette from Citrus City Records today. Check out more from Citrus City Records here and check out more from Crumb here.

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