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SNOWHAUS | Interview

Snowhaus is a math-pop, posi-punk group out of Hadley, Massachusetts that will rock your scales off. The goofy and genuine members of Snowhaus, consisting of Nathan Galloway, Andrew Ring, Zach Bloomstein, and Nick Gencarella, chatted with both Becca and myself at a restaurant over some of the most divine Indonesian cuisine. We spoke about everything from their musical influences to their favorite kind of glitter over stir-fry and copious amounts of tempeh.

GrizzlyGround: What was your favorite night on tour?

Nathan: Last night in Blacksburg, Virginia. We played in an art gallery called XYZ after making like the spiciest beans and rice we have ever had. Zack dumped half a bottle of hot sauce into it and we ate it and were DYING. We showed up at the gallery and I was running around to all the other rooms.

Andrew: We played the tightest we have ever played. The place was incredibly packed. Good lights, good vibes, good sound.

What is your favorite parkour move as a collective group?

Zach: I have a move where I fall into Andrew’s drums and it looks like it’s not on purpose and that’s because it isn’t on purpose.

Nathan: I don’t know if you would consider this parkour, it’s more like a derivative of parkour, but I like when Zack dances like a spider. I like spider vibes.

Zach: I have many moves, I have the best moves, you are going to love my moves. I only do moves that are detrimental to my health, my bandmates’ health, and the health of my instruments.

Nathan: Mostly things that throw our guitars really out of tune. So yeah, it’s a dance off tonight.

Best tour memory? It doesn’t have to be this tour, it can be any tour.

Nathan: DON’T BRING IT UP! We plead the fifth... My favorite tour memory ever was going out on the town in Bushwick. It was like three in the morning and Zach and I left Andrew and Nick to sleep while we just booled all night.

Zach: We went to a bar and met the next big pop sensation in the United States. I can’t remember his name… or his songs. But I know that they were good.

Nathan: We also went to the most awesome gay bar. Everyone in there was hilarious. [It was] completely pink, everywhere. It’s called Happy Fun Time Hideaway.

Talk to us about your new single ["Ice Fields"] and your thoughts on it.

Nathan: It’s like one of the oldest songs we have- like three or four years old. It has gone through every single drummer we have ever had.

Nathan pauses to then look at Andrew.

Nathan cont'd: Andrew doesn’t play drums on the recording, nor does he like the song. It’s because every time we play the song I tell him that the last guy did it better. Zach recorded it. It’s the first song that he has recorded for us. He is quite talented.

Who are you influenced by?

Zach: Street City Surf, Bernie Sanders, Judas Priest, Waffle House (which we feel is superior to IHOP). Influenced heavily by cats as well.

Nathan: We have stayed with cats every night on this tour, it is almost a requirement.

We know you are a vegetarian band; why is this?

Nick: For now we are a vegetarian band, for moral reasons… sorta.

Have you ever eaten an entire clementine peel? If so, can you describe the experience?

Nathan: It tastes like dish soap and bleach and I thought that it was going to taste a lot better. The first time I experienced this was earlier today. You were there. So I think you experienced it with me too. It was terrible, I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for at least half an hour. But I recommend everyone try it, for perspective.

What inspires the lyrics of your songs?

Zach: Alcohol. Water, liquid, past questionable visions, soy products, there are lots of events that happen that we write about.

What is your favorite album?

Nathan: Cody by Joyce Manor probably. Want to know a secret about Andrew? His armpits are dyed pink.

Last question, what are your plans for 2017?

Snowhaus: Master plan is to conquer the East Coast if not the United States and spread the reptilian message, teleport to our home planet of Massachusetts, release our debut full length which we have yet to name, post a bunch of music videos which have yet to be chosen or shot, eat better, exercise more, smoke less, post less memes, get the fucking window fixed in the van, wear more glitter, get spicy and maintain the spice, and play 79 shows.

Check out more from Snowhaus here.

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