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Halloween is fast approaching making it the perfect time for Brooklyn’s Friend Roulette to premiere their spooky music video for their song “Dutch Master”.

The song, featuring sugary yet haunting vocals contrasting against clusters of psychedelic chaos, is what inspired director Josh Jones to come up with the concept for the video.

"I just listened to the song a few times, wrote down these dream-like acts and then started producing,” Jones stated. "I did all of the photography, lighting, editing and not-so-special effects myself. No crew, just one big beast man running around and tricking people into acting.”

So what should you expect in this video?

Floating heads, cosmic moon shots, chaotic panic, shorts, an ax, and of course a killer Friend Roulette song.

If that doesn’t entice your curiosity to watch this, then I honestly don’t know what will.

Check out the premiere of the official video for "Dutch Master" below.

Friend Roulette has not one, but two new albums in the works. They will also be releasing one of the tracks from an upcoming album on a tape benefiting MACROCK Music Festival. Keep up with more from Friend Roulette here.

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