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“Human Bruise” is the RVA based band, Antiphons' recent release off of their forthcoming album Groan.

“Human Bruise” is also a song that is easy to play on repeat, while all perception of time seemingly escapes. There’s just something hypnotizing about those weepy vibrations that flow from some melty guitar riffs.

This track opens with a droning “you f-ck like an only child”, which, at first, may warrant hitting pause--

…and rewinding the song back a few seconds.

You f-ck like an only child."

This is by far the most intriguing hook that I’ve heard in a while and I'm mesmerized. The song then immediately escalates into a booming wave of indie rock that washes over the rest of the track in its melancholy melody. As the song progresses, lyrical layers that reveal more intimate thoughts emerge, while simultaneously being accompanied by some head nod-inducing instrumentation.

Warning: it’s incredibly easy to be captivated by Brian Dove’s smooth vocals.

Antiphons' new album is expected to be released in mid-Janurary. Check out more from Antiphons here.

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