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Zooanzoo, or more locally known as Zach Williams, based out of Harrisonburg, VA, released a new single recently, titled “Say it Softly”.

The track begins ominously, with the first eleven seconds of the song introducing a soft piano track, overlaid by a record scratching and the muffled words of a little girl talking to someone. The little girl’s ‘cameo’ fades into Zooanzoo’s soft, almost whispered vocals, as he sings about wanting the world to be “a safer place for ‘you’ and ‘me’”. In the bio of the song, Zooanzoo writes that he “dedicated [the song] to my niece and the current state of the U.S."

In a way the song reminds me of a soothing lullaby, soft yet endearing, and given the meaning behind the song, makes sense.

As mentioned before, Zooanzoo uses a clip of a little girl talking, which now looking back at is most likely a clip of his niece talking, paying homage to her. This sets the tone nicely for the rest of the song and leads in the lyrics fluidly. Zooanzoo titles the song “Say It Softly” and yet the message he soothingly sings about, is anything but.

If you haven’t checked out the song, I recommend you get on it! You’re gonna have a good time.

For more from Zooanzoo click here.

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