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Hailing from Richmond, the formerly known Collin Thibdoeauxx, now Lance Bangs, have released their latest EP Lance Mountain. There are five tracks on this EP, each riddled with jangly guitar harmonies and great punk-y vocals from Colin himself. One thing I really enjoy about this EP is how upbeat it is. Often times I’ll find myself attuning punk or the like with melancholy, but with Lance Mountain I kept tapping my feet and bobbing my head to the syncopated drum beats.

While I love all five tracks, I have two favorites: "Dig" and "Let It Grow". "Dig" begins the EP with a surf-vibe drum beat, slowly embedding a jangly guitar progression and a slight undertone of a bass. Colin’s voice is masked with a fuzzy layer bringing in the punk/dream-pop. All in all, the beginning of the EP gives us a taste of what the rest of the tracks are like. Then we have "Let It Grow", which ends the EP. I absolutely love the vocals on this track. Colin, Drew, and Joel all harmonize on this track and bring in some great guitar progressions. My favorite lyrics are “I can’t keep this up/ I feel like something else/ I can’t tell if you want me or someone else”. Just the way Lance Bangs semi-yells those lyrics really brought the song, and ultimately the EP together nicely.

If you haven’t checked out this EP, or even Lance Bangs, I highly HIGHLY recommend you do so. Your ears will thank me.

Check out more from Lance Bangs here.

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