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We’ve been lacking another one of my personal favorite genres here on GrizzlyGround as of recently, but fear not... field trip recently released their latest single “2 NY” on July 22 to fulfill all our dreamy, shoegazey, psychedelic musical needs.

The track opens with a melty melody that oozes throughout the entire track. Before long, cooing vocals dance atop a prominent bass line. A highlight of this track are the psychedelic guitar riffs that weave themselves in and out of the song in all the right places.

The lyrics are extremely relatable as a person who is currently living in NYC. I’m moving soon, so I’ve been reflecting on the past few months living here and how it will be challenging to leave. It really is so easy to lose yourself to New York. This city swallows you.

The entire track is laid back and very groovy.

Yeah, I say groovy still. I’m excited to see what this band releases next.

Check out field trip's bandcamp here

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