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No Hitter album cover

I honestly never heard of this band until my buddy texted me about them a couple of days ago. Since then, I've consistently listened to Petite League every single day.

No Hitter is this Syracuse band's newest album, which was released on June 19, 2016. All the songs on the album are roughly three minutes or less, which makes for fast, easy listening. No Hitter has a variety of different sounds that merge together in an unexpectedly cohesive way.

Want a relaxed acoustic song? "I Met You Before" is the track for you, garnished with a sweet amount of whistling. Who doesn't like a song where there's whistling in it?

In need of a catchy song that will get caught in your head? "No Hitter" and "Zookeeper" are the tracks for you. The guitars featured in both of these tracks are incredible and the lyrics are equally as catchy. I found myself passionately mouthing along the lyrics to these songs, while on my morning subway commute to the office. They will get stuck in your head.

"Down That Road," almost has a bluesy element in the chorus that brings a whole new dimension to the track and adds a new sound to the album as a whole. It is easily one of my favorite tracks off No Hitter.

Petite League's latest album title may be a little misleading because No Hitter is certainly a home run album in my books.

I sincerely regret how cheesy that last line sounded, but I refuse to edit that out. Sports references, am I right?

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