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Opening with a spoken sample and quarter note rhythmic chimes from the synth, wilkjayy leaves no questions unanswered in his wavy single, "midnight". Upon glancing at his soundcloud page, the first words you see read: “I wrote this about a very depressing time in my life, I hope you can enjoy the vibe though (and relate to it too).”

This self produced track hits on a plethora of musical styles to a point where you subconsciously rewind for a second listen. From the variety of synths bee-bopping in the background, the light vocal melodies that chime in, and sung front vocals versus the more popular mumbled rap, "midnight" encompasses so much more than the hip-hop/ rap genres tagged on the page.

The tune flows in a near-freestyle pattern as wilkjayy confesses his experiences with loneliness and depression induced insomnia: “I was more devoured by the thoughts inside our minds / you think you’re powerless”.

As requested in the description, followers did ‘enjoy the vibe’ and many expressed their pleasure as well as their ability to relate to the song in comments, which the artist sensibly responded to. The track comes full circle, ending with a second spoken sample that says “it’ll be great”, leaving listeners feeling at peace with their minds after the emotions of "midnight".

Aside from this single, wilkjayy has several other tunes to dive into on his page including a short EP, but we are eagerly waiting for even more songs to be dropped so we can all explore the inner workings of the mind of wilkjayy.

Check out more from wilkjayy here.

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