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In Virginia, doe deer is capturing the essence of lo-fi bedroom pop and scattering these dreamy songs about for all to hear. “tennis” is off of doe deer’s most recent album sports, which is one of three albums doe deer released in 2016.

There is a still calmness about “tennis” that is oddly comforting. A soothing mildness seems to engulf the entire track. A mild psychedelia, mild mood, mild contentment, mild solace that coalesces into a hallucinogenic daze. A warm and inviting isolation. The blossoming lo-fi wave of guitar riffs accompanied by tinges of surf rock can easily become trapped in the confines of the mind, repeating itself throughout the day.

Translation: this song will get stuck in your head.

The tranquil, unruffled vocals once paired with alluringly ambiguous lyrics create an even more mesmerizing vibe to "tennis" as demonstrated by the intro: "flowers / all on the ceiling / looks are deceiving / beautiful evening.”

This song is best consumed during nighttime while sprawled out on your back in dewy grass with your eyes closed and your feet bare. If you dig this song be sure to check out the rest of sports and stay tuned for a new EP from doe deer projected to be released this summer!

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