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This track is loaded with synthy bedroom-pop slacker vibes. Featuring just the right amount of upbeat danceability, there is a sweet harmonious balance present once paired with the melancholy melodies. It’s nothing short of retro with fresh perspective on modern nostalgia.

Dominic Sena, known as Mr. Hymn, masterfully crafts “The Scene Won’t Wait," which is the Orlando artist’s final song on their first release EP 1 or I. Mr. Hymn invites listeners into this psychedelic warped dream before unleashing a steady thumping flow of relatable stream of consciousness desires toward the end of the track:

"i wanna be on your side / i wanna like everyone / i wanna say everything…”

It’s nearly impossible to sit still while listening to this song and the entire EP for that matter, but don't take my word for it. Have a listen below.

Check out more from Mr. Hymn here.

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