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Code Orange has quickly become of the most exciting bands to look out for in the past few years. In 2012, Love is Love/Return to Dust put Code Orange (Kids) on the map with an onslaught of doom and powerviolence inspired hardcore. With the release of I Am King back in 2014, Code Orange proved to be one of the heaviest bands in the scene, again, pulling influences from doom metal and powerviolence, but also drone and ambient metal as well. Within the past month, Code Orange has proved themselves yet again with the release of “Forever” off their upcoming 2017 record of the same name. Their sound hasn’t changed from I Am King (at least from what I can tell from this single), but it is more polished. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still chaotic, heavy and at points, painful-- it just sounds better. From the vocals, to the instrumentation, to the production, courtesy of Kurt Ballou (Converge) yet again along with Will Yip.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan pointed out that “there’s a lot of bands about fun, especially in hardcore. Our band is not about fun. . . Everywhere we’ve turned, we’ve met a lot of ‘you’re not this enough for this, that enough for that.’ ‘Forever’ opens it up by saying ‘Fuck you, we’re here. We’re gonna do whatever the fuck we wanna do, and there are no rules.’” I can’t sum up this single any better than that. Code Orange is still proving themselves to be, not only one of heaviest, but one of the most interesting bands within the hardcore scene.

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