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Photo by Briley Caton

Photo by Briley Caton.

The Pressure Kids are a five-piece indie rock band based out of Nashville who just released their newest single, “You Missed Your Chance,” an in-your-face anthem replicating the characteristic energy that permeates their live sets. This newest single is a follow up from their late summer single “Catherine in Moonlight."

The song begins strong with a mix of electric guitars and a simple yet rhythmic drum beat. Around the 15 second mark, a pleasant guitar riff really begins to kick the song off. Much of the song's sound is reminiscent of classic rock, echoed by the guitar riff, yet also blends modern indie rock with the upbeat drums and lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics, “You Missed Your Chance” excels at songwriting. For me, a song is elevated when it has great lyrics that not only makes sense, but are also catchy. This single does both. It does both well-- I might add. With lyrics such as “you painted the moon / poisoned the daisies”, it’s hard not to appreciate the originality. Paired with a tune that made me bop my head and tap my feet, this is a song I will have stuck in my head for a while. No complaints.

To add even deeper meaning to what is already a snazzy song, the front man of The Pressure Kids, Nick Johnston notes: “‘You Missed Your Chance' is our basement anthem for those that knew better, those that chose to ignore the sunset, those that missed the train."

After hearing that, I gained a better sense of what the song is about, what it really meant (at least personally). The song isn’t about the fault of missing a chance, but rather finding the beauty in it. Even if you ‘knew better’, if you ‘chose to ignore the sunset’, and ‘missed the train’ that it’s going to be okay. Sometimes you just got to sit back, relax, and listen to “You Missed Your Chance” one more time to really soak it all in.

I am excited to see where The Pressure Kids will go from here. Be on the lookout for them in the coming months. For now, check out “You Missed Your Chance” if you haven’t already.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to miss your chance listening to it, now would you?

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