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After hearing “Can’t Keep Cool,” I had to add recent No Sleep Records signees, Spill, to my ever-growing mental list of Philadelphia-area bands that are absolutely killing it right now. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water over there, but I think I need some. Even though this track clocks in at a brief 2:46, it packs a big enough punch to keep listeners feeling fulfilled.

Throughout, the guitars are blanketed in a fuzzy grit that’s somewhere between the satisfying crunch of gravel underneath your tires and the sonic embodiment of road rash. It’s tough to tell whether they recorded 2 guitars or 42 – and yes, these are compliments.

The real highlight of this track is the chorus, which hits the same way I’d imagine a Mike Tyson punch does. The line “I got a picture in a locket and it’s shoved down in my pocket” bounces up and down with a cadence and melody that begs audiences to sing and dance along.

If “Can’t Keep Cool” is any indication of what Spill's debut record Top Ten is going to be like, I already know what I’ll be jamming on December 16th (and the week after that (and the week after that)).

Check out more from Spill here. Spill's debut record "Top Ten" will be out on No Sleep Records on December 16, 2016.

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