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In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that music is very similar to an appetite.

There’s always a particular genre or flavor we tend to crave at any given time. However, like any balanced musical diet, there are moments when you realize that you are deficient in certain things.

“Plant” by Philly based band, Doubles, serves as just that. I didn’t know that I was yearning for just some solid rock music until I got a taste of this track.

And now that I have--

I can’t get it out of my mind.

The song starts off relatively soft, with two harmonizing voices over a steady, rhythmic series of somewhat muted down strums and a faint twinkling guitar. Before even reaching the middle of the track, the entire band interrupts the tranquility with an explosive catchy cluster of sonic rock.

This song features the perfect amount of restraint between softer more subtle vocals and more concentrated moments of heavier rock elements. The song never pushes the sound too far, but rather, just far enough to remain controlled.

The lyrics, although sparse, are poignant. By the time the strained vocals of “I see that face / I’ve got to go / I’ve got to go” reveals itself, there's no way not to be completely invested.

Soon you too will be satisfying your rock craving and nodding along to the rhythm.

Check out more from Doubles here.

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