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DOPPIO is a folk meets singer-songwriter duo that formed in 2009 between members Tim and Brittany Elizabeth Cretella. They recently released an upbeat music video with a powerful message.

The song opens with a guitar that is reminiscent of Shakey Graves' style, building a much a welcomed rapport with my ears. Immediately after, the lyrics take the spotlight. The song reads vaguely similar to the narrative quality that is best associated with Bob Dylan, while incorporating subtle references to Johnny Cash with the “walk the line” lyric. This gives a nostalgic, vintage feel to the entire song. As far as the lyrical content is concerned-- it comes at a relevant time.

Tim, of the music duo DOPPIO, recently said, “We chose this song as the first single as it touches on the current, hot topics in the country and world.” The duo is best known for their song, “The Battle”. This song went viral with the “Change The Mascot” anti-Redskins team name ad, which was produced by the National Congress of Native Americans.

Check out DOPPIO’s latest music video for the song, “New Age Paranoia” linked below.

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