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June Gloom's latest album Fake Problems does not disappoint all the surf music lovers who also happen to gravitate toward more melancholy melodies. Many gems stand out within this nine track album from the D.C. based artist, but, in typical GrizzlyGround fashion, I will keep it short.

The opening track "Get Free" does a great job of introducing the album. It starts off with an inaudible conversation, which immediately creates a nostalgic atmosphere before transitioning into a gloomy melody. However, by the second half of the song the energy picks up and repeats the same select amount of poignant lyrics used earlier in the song:

gotta get free from people around me

then maybe i won’t be as lonely

I’ll miss you but not like I miss me

you can’t share a feeling with just anybody

It's a satisfying contrast between the sullen reflection the first time the lyrics are uttered and the triumphant power the words hold the second time around. This perfectly captures the essence of breaking free from certain relations or places and how it can be both disheartening and a step in the right direction.

“URL” is easily one of my favorite tracks off of the album. The chill opening guitar riff soon bursts into an instrumentation that demonstrates tension and relaxation in all the right places. Another much welcomed contrast within the album.

The song features an interesting narrative that appears to be about a person who hides behind their own picturesque facade on the Internet. Especially with social media as a platform, it feels as though many people can drastically differ in real life from their corresponding online persona. This is something I, too, try to be conscious of within my own online presence. My favorite part of the song is the lyrics at the end:

when you tell them how you’re feelin they won’t ever really get it so you’ll tell them that you need them they’ll just wonder where you got the reference

The vocals subtly strain on the last line and the intensity builds before fading out on a softer note. I've listened to this song on repeat for a couple days now, again, one of my favorite tracks off the album.

“How I’m Doing” is the final song I'll highlight. It vaguely reminds me of some of Alex G's music, which, being a huge Alex G fan, made me appreciate it right away. This song follows several cohesive vignettes to create a broader, darker portrait. I found the following lyrics to be especially haunting:

never thought i’d be the to pull that skin right off your hand now you’ll know i really want it back that bad

Fake Problems has become one of my go-to albums for subway commutes and late night walks through the city. I hope I have the opportunity to see June Glooms sometime live in the future.

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